Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Right here in the middle of the city, there are stables and trees!
This is Asia leading Bertha from her stall.

First, she brushes Bertha and picks her hoofs.

Then she saddles and bridles her horse.

And, finally, Asia is mounted and riding. Today's lesson was about posting correctly. The kids learned how to walk their horses into a trot and then to canter smoothly. They do all of the grooming and prep work themselves. For more information about the Rock Creek Park Horse Center, go here.


Garden Girl☺ said...

I love horses! I have always wanted to get own some but I just don't have the room for them. :(

Hariklia said...

Did I mention Ali and Craig went horse riding while we were away? Growing up on a farm, Craig had his own horse, and now Ali wants one too! She says she can keep in Grandma's place...not sure if Grandma will look after it while she's not there, 98% of the time!