Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New York City: A Snap Shot View

During the summer of 2007 and the winter of 2008, I took the train up to New York City specifically to see the Poiret Exhibit at the Met and the broadway show, the Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre.

I am always struck by the size of the city and by the number of small intimate spaces tucked away in such multitude. Such a huge amount of life and activity!

But it wasn't all hoity toity museums and broadway shows. On our way to do more important things, we ducked into Katz for hot dogs and beer while everyone else was having breakfast. A completely unorthodox thing to do and something I still laugh about, but mostly because it was Nancy's idea and she's a vegetarian.

At one point, when we were out and about, someone tried to steal my purse! A guy slammed into me and swung me around as if he were being chased. I am certain it was an attempt to jostle and unbalance me but being the city girl I am at heart, I was prepared. My wallet was zipped up inside a pocket and my instinct was to immediately pull my elbow in and tightly up against my chest. "You're not getting my money!"

... and finally at the end of every bustling New York City day, I was able to relax. The first time in a small Lower East side apartment dressed up with flowers and the second in a glamorous Midtown hotel room for a relatively low price.

All photos taken by Nancy.


Mostafa said...


It's very nice to blog about your Trips. You have a lot of interesting topics in your blog.

Do you know about the people that are drawing in the first photo, I think they use pencils and they almost Architecture Students. I study Architecture at Cairo University and that what we do sometimes, going out and drawing.. It's very exciting for me to study out of the studio.

Thank you for your blogging :)

Best Regards,,

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Hi Mostafa: thank you for your nice comments!

I didn't know the students drawing but liked how they looked next to the statue. They are so small by comparison.

Hariklia said...

I really enjoyed reading about this trip. A short but engaging narrative.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thank you Hariklia!