Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Evil Pixie

Evil Pixie is a daughter, sister, writer, photographer, consultant, PhD student, adjunct professor, London lover, cupcake connoisseur, and all-around extraordinaire (or least tries to be). She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, Wicked Pixie and Naughty Pixie. However, one of her goals is to move the Pixie Household to London as soon as financially possible.

When not blogging, snapping, studying, grading, or sampling cupcakes, Evil Pixie is either out exploring the great landscapes of the Pacific Northwest or plotting three of the major photography trips she plans to drag Wicked Pixie and Naughty Pixie on (photographing the U.S. National Parks, the National Parks around the World, and the Antarctica/Galapagos Islands).

This Pixie's 5-year plan is to be living in London, running a successful photography studio, and racking up the writing credits. While she would love world domination (in the form of writing and photography), she'll settle for finding the perfect pillow to sleep on.

To find out more about Evil Pixie and to see some of her photos, click here.

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Evil Pixie said...

Cool! Thanks bunches for listing me! The avatar thing is so fun that Wicked Pixie and Naughty Pixie had to make one for themselves as well. :)