Friday, April 8, 2011


Hariklia is a true to type Gemini who can almost always see both side of an argument and so has trouble making any type of decision (she also writes some very long sentences). She is short (in stature), often prickly (in temperament) and loves ice-cream.

She is a writer, a blogger, an ex-graphic designer and for the past 10 years a mum. This last job has been the most difficult as well as the most rewarding.

Hariklia's life has been defined by growing up in a working class, non English speaking family; by her obsession with certain bands and certain musicians; and by a love of travel, art and reading.

She is currently posting entries from her (until now, hidden) diaries, for the world to read, on her blog; the irony of which is not wasted on her. She hopes to have a book of fiction published later this year.

To learn more about Hariklia and to read her diaries, visit What She Said found here.

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