Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Westsail 28

It's been a busy summer and it looks like the next six months are going to keep up the pace (insha'allah). My little nieces left WDC last Sunday and are now back in Cairo. My Facebook status line said it all:

"Leslie went to the airport: gave up her shoes, agreed to be the Christmas mule, and promised to read a whole series of books. Ah, the power of kids! Much stronger than the power of cheese!"

And, as Maya and Asia will tell you, I have a huge appreciation for cheese. Asia is now wearing my black flip flops and I'm wearing her gold ones. I have signed up for Santa duty this fall (i.e., the carrying back and forth of Christmas gifts) and I am currently reading the first book in the Children of the Lamp series (quite well written for a YA novel).

In January, Eric and I are going back to Mexico for ten days. This is a repeat of the trip we took last March but had to cut short due to the massive snow storm that delayed our flight out. My sister was generous enough to give both of us plane tickets for my big birthday and we have booked a room at the same B&B since it's lovely and the two guys running it are easy going and dependable.

But, first, Eric and I are going to Florida week after next to take a look at this boat! The couple who own it are now working in the Alaskan canneries and have decided they want to sell their sailboat and buy a fishing boat in its place. It's going to be a long drive down I95, but I'm looking forward to the adventure that will follow.


Anonymous said...

hello, if you dont buy the westsail 28, Please put me in touch with the people selling it...been looking for in virginia...thanks Parker..804 580 4048

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Hi Parker. We did buy the westsail 28.

Anonymous said...

I had a boat just like this just after I left DC (Mt. Pleasant). It's a great boat and a lot of fun. Still have great memories of winter sailing on the Ches Bay and Baltimore Inner Harbor.