Friday, August 27, 2010

Afghan Star

After years of Taliban control, music is now allowed in Afghanistan and the TV station Tolo is holding a contest to see who will be the next Afghan Star. The final competition comes down to a diverse group of contestants (including women) and the public is responsible for determining who will be the next big winner. Everyone - male, female, rich, poor, Hazara, Pashtun - can submit their vote democratically via text message on their mobile phones. There are print campaigns, large donations, and private supporters who try to influence the outcome. Unfortunately, my first choice candidate did not win, but this documentary will remind you that Afghanistan is more than a battleground, a statistic, or a political debate. It is a country full of people with hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

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Hijabee said...

Sounds interesting, reminds me of a book I read few months ago " Kabul Beauty School" about an american woman opening a beauty school in Kabul.