Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help us choose a typeface ...

I'm a little ahead of myself but have been looking at which typefaces we can use for our boat's name. She will be Clementine, a name we chose based on the adventurous spirit of the wild west. Built in the 1970s, the Westsail 28 is a "design in efficiency ... stout enough to handle anything and beautiful enough to turn the head of even the most hardened sailor." The boat is meant to travel offshore and long distance. Which typeface suits her best?

Oberon, an enhanced 1970s typeface. A little too ornate for my taste but authentic enough to the period of the boat and, while it suggests unruliness, Clementine retains a little bit of elegance.

Jezebel, based on type from the 1970s. Clementine looks a little wide and rough around the edges but perhaps this typeface is well suited to a sturdy old boat with a long history.

Studio Sable is retro in feel but still modern in attitude. Clementine is smooth, happy, and a little bouncy like waves but is it the 1970s I'm feeling or a little bit of the late 1950s?

Which typeface do you like best? Please help us out while we make this big decision. Alternative typefaces welcome! thank you!


Vacant Lot Design said...

Cris chose Oberon. I chose Studio Sable with a nice hard drop shadow behind it would look awesome on a boat. I think Oberon and Jezebel make the C look too much like an E. :)

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...
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Eric said...

WTF? This last typeface is identical to the signature of the last guy I dropped off at detox!

Evil Pixie said...

I like Studio Sable.

mina said...

How about Arial? Ha! Just kidding. A little joke based on the god awful intern I had this summer that used Arial for EVERYTHING even when I specifically said do not use that font. That was the worst 15 days of my career.

I like the Studio Sable. And I agree about the drop shadow. Nice touch:)

Polly said...

I like the Oberon.

andi via facebook said...

my sister: I like the first typeface, although I have to say that to us Clementine is not representative of the wild west, but of 'ruby lips'. It is the song about the daughter of the miner 49er who drowned and made little bubbles through her ruby lips. OR a very small orange like fruit with a ton of seeds.

me: we know about ruby lips ... the 49ers were the wild west. they had to go across country and live in wild boom towns so they could pan handle their gold nuggets. post your preference on my blog though please!

my sister: but the song is not about being wild, it is about drowning and the guy singing decided to go for her sister. yuck!

me: I know ... it's yucky how he goes for her sister ... but the song is a great camping song if you don't listen to the words. Maybe we'll write up our own lyrics to the song.

my sister: reminds me of deputy dawg

me: we will write new lyrics and you will LOVE it!

my sister: ok. I will sing along with you then. :)

me: that's my seester!

(facebook conversation)

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Levenie likes STudio Sable. She says it's because each letter has personality!

Suse said...

My vote is for Jezebel for exactly the reasons you gave: sturdy and ocean-going.