Thursday, April 22, 2010

Year of Giving

For further hometown insight, take a look at this amazing Web site. A local man named Reed has made a personal commitment to give away $10 every day for a full year.

This photo is of Cleo from day 41. The 50-year old trumpet player can be found at the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro station and is sometimes working the Adams Morgan area, a place he calls "wild and crazy."

Reed interviews each recipient, posting their personal stories online, and then asks what they plan to do with the money. Often times, his gift starts a chain reaction of giving. See the Lend a Hand section for more information about sharing.


A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

That is so amazing!!
1. you live a car free lifestyle - wow that really impress and inspires me!
2. your post about this man and his commitment of a year of giving are so inspiring!

I love blogging, I love getting inspired by people doing good, thank you for brighting my day ^_^

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in the honour of wall the Writwrs and Poets, I published an ilustration.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thank you, Skizo!