Friday, April 30, 2010

Adventure on the High Sea (2006)

OK, I bought this book online because there seems to be a severe lack of boating stories from the female perspective. There are boy stories about whales and mutiny and true accounts of cruiser women which interest me, but I wasn't in the mood to read Moby Dick and I don't want to listen (right now) to how someone stocks their galley or deals with all of the land-locked goods a true sailor is happy to leave behind.

Adventure on the High Sea seemed like a good choice. I was promised an ocean passage and the story was supposed to be about a young girl and how her family gets along during their sail boat trip from England to America. I expected a story! This is a brief, home-made book outlining the countries Susan Barry Blair visits and while it's an awesome life, the writing style is awkward and the entire book is short enough to be someone's blog entry or magazine article. The best part, however, is when the dad attempts to catch fish using the spinnaker as a net and nearly capsizes the boat. An easy-going read with your morning coffee but not worth $10 and the cost of postage.


Angela in Europe said...

You know you are so right about there not being any sea adventure books from the female perspective. Or perhaps I just don't know about them. I love Moby Dick because of the adventure but I would really enjoy reading the same book from a woman's point of view.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Ah ha! You have not read Jack London's The Sea Wolf?
Maud Brewster is the lead and very much a woman!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I haven't read The Sea Wolf, but will now ... thanks!