Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Agree or Disagree?

From Spiekerblog.


virginia boy said...

Overrated? Just where exactly does the color red sit in the color hierarchy? Number ten? Number 8? Shouldn't we make certain that the democratic party approves a bailout plan to all the lesser disadvantaged colors before we make such a drastic proposal? Has the Federal Govt done a study to ensure that no other colors will be harmed as a result of this proposed changing of color status. Has the Food and Drug Administration declared this color to be cancer free? What shade of red are we talking about here? I for one will be leading a march to protest. I'm not sure what I'll be protesting but It's the American way so....Then I will sue for emotional distress because I can. Red overated? Be careful what you say in the USA...you will be brutilized if you do not comply with the dictates of the politically correct sheeple.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thanks for your comment, VA Boy. I agree with one thing you are saying in particular ... the shade of red is really what's in question here. Looks like orange to me.

Vacant Lot Design said...

The whole argument matters not cuz the person can't even use an. Hmmph!

Also, really depends on the shade. :)