Saturday, April 10, 2010


As the apple suggests, this movie is about temptation: Bella's desire to become a vampire and Edward's need to make her one. I tried to read the novel but couldn't get through it and after about 100 pages managed to ruin the book while camping (many continued apologies). Stephenie Meyer did an excellent job creating atmosphere and an intimacy between her characters but the pace was slow and the dialogue painful. So, in order to understand Eric's daughter's obsession with the series, I rented the movie. Double ugh. I don't get it. The acting was terrible. Edward was not nearly as handsome and suave as the book suggests. Bella's loner personality and teenage insecurity came across as rude and condescending. After all of the media publicity surrounding Twilight, I expected more and got nothing. I recommend watching Lost Boys, reading Bram Stoker's Dracula or picking up Interview with the Vampire instead.

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Virginia boy said...

Ok, the acting was what. The way they plucked the head off of the evil vampire was waaay cool, and the incredible speed they moved while chasing baseballs was worth....well, maybe not worth it but was cool just the same. Lordy it WAS some Godawful acting! Good review Ms Bosch.

Polly said...

I tried to read the book but didn't make it very far. I recommend the author's (Stephanie Meyer) book "The Host" instead. Excellent book.