Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

Definitely a feel-good movie. We walked out of “The Wrestler” because it was too gruesome and into "Sunshine Cleaning," a story about a single mom who starts a business cleaning up crime scenes. Rose gains self esteem and finds a way to deal with her own mother’s suicide through the new enterprise …

This movie is about family, about doing the best you can, and about helping the ones you love. Maybe in the end, you'll consider getting a l'il bastard devil tattoo. I know I did.


Pyzahn said...

I love Amy Adams. Hope to be able to see this one soon. I completely understand about leaving The Wrestler. I couldn't even watch the previews.

Welcome back to Prattle. I saw that you left for a while.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

hi there! didn't leave prattle! was switching over to bloglinesbut decided following was just as good!