Sunday, June 7, 2009

November 26, 1930

Dearest Katherine,

No apologies for the paper. Its all I have.

I wish I was down there. I’m tired and lonesome, (yes in a dorm.) I feel blue and want to weep on someone’s shoulders. In fact I miss Marjorie somethin’ awful tonight. And I want to be babied. But enough of my troubles.

I don’t get to go to Knoxville. Made the hockey team as a sub. Tell Mother for me and I’ll write as soon as I find time. Or you can read extracts from this.

We’ve started working real hard on the vauderville. Tumbling is going to be real cute. The leader has more cute new things that we haven’t done up here. And we are spending more time practicing. Even some Thurs. night.

Hope we win Volley Ball and hockey. I crave going to Bowling Green Dec. 6.

I wish you a real good time Thurs. Guess I’ll sleep late then catch up on back work. And Reflector reports have to be in Friday. I’ve about a million to get in cause the Phys. Ed. Dept. can have as much space as we want. I’ll tear hair long over those. Guess maybe it will be a good time to do a lot of things that I’ve just let slide.

Frances is coming Thurs. I can’t wait to see her. Hope the old crazy stays with me some. If she doesn’t I’ll certainly be disappointed, whole heaps. I didn’t know I was so anxious to see her.

I can’t stand this cold weather. It snowed last night and everybody had a couple of duck fits. Not me, I curled up in a knot and got cold.

Went to the Belmont tonight to see “Common Clay.” It’s real good. Everyone raved so I couldn’t resist the temptation. It had a moral and all but at that it was enjoyable and almost reformed me in a person positively sprouting wings. Not that I was ever bad. Am I? Anyhow it was as good as all I had heard about it.

Well, changed my mind. You needn’t read to Mother. I’ll write while I finish playing marbles.

Lots of love,

P.S. Am going to Knapp Sat. night. A couple of the summer school foks will be here. Wonder if we will freeze.

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Polly said...

Yep, getting more depressing.