Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starbucks in Madrid

Whenever I go away to a new city, I always try out the subway system during my visit. I feel like it brings me closer to the location's "real" people. During the last few years, for some reason, I've made the local Starbucks trip just as important during my travels. I'm not sure what the real benefit is but it makes me happy and the reward is a good cup of coffee. Above is a photo of the Starbucks I frequented for two weeks straight when I was in Madrid a few years ago.


... said...

I used to boycot the world chain starbucks until a friend of mine introduced me to the 'café de la semaine' for 2,60 euros, in Paris, at Odéon, next to my university, it's usually quite good and lasts long and is easy to drink on the go :)

It's one of the few places where you get a proper tall coffee like in the states. Elsewhere, in a typical french café, you get a tiny little cup, an expresso basically, when asking for a coffee...

But in the end I do not like the idea of the same store/café concept in every city, takes away a city's individual charm. They should make them a little more personalized. That said I love their courches :)

Best & Peace;

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

yep, it's the "on the go" element I like best. Thanks for reading ... leslie