Wednesday, January 28, 2009

42 Bus: Columbia Rd and Ontario

The Robert Frank exhibit inspired Nancy to start shooting for herself again. This photo is of people waiting for the 42 bus in Adams Morgan.

The pic started a conversation between us about how I find RF's images a little uncomfortable and sad while her's are of a similar subject matter but show a warmer humanity (although a little cold in this case).

Nancy's response is as follows: I think though in a way he's right about the subjects he photographed because he was an immigrant. I think his is the immigrant view which is really where we all come from. We are unfortunately detached from our history. Even though we 'do' alot of things other countries envy, there is an underlying sense of sadness here because we don't have our roots. Despite this, I think Americans are the most generous and caring people around who also value the significance of our short human life. She calls this photo "Bus Stop Prayer."

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hijabee said...

The photograph is really talented.