Monday, September 1, 2008

January 19, 1929

Dear Katherine,

I’m having the most fun sitting up in some onelse’s room and playing their “vic.” out of hours! I don’t know what I’ll say to Mrs. Harlan if I get caught.

Your kind sympathy for my soreness is accepted and I’m still enjoying it because I’m still sore. Oh! my poor legs are in the worst condition imaginable. Never mind! After Mon. night I won’t have to play. We play our first game and I’m afraid we will be successfully eleminated.

I’m mad. Did you see that piece in the Tennessean about the “Phis. Ed.” majors. It said we drank, smoked, cussed, wore pants and were mad because we couldn’t take wrestling under a handsome man and he’s ugly as a mud fence. We signed up for wrestling because the man’s notice was on our bulletin board.

We haven’t been able to go swimming yet. The pool closed two weeks before holidays and they haven’t opened it yet. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick in bed. I guess you are up now. Here’s hoping.

One of our cutest majors left last week to teach. I surely miss her. Hope don’t any more leave.

Kiddo, another Manless Dance Friday night! I can’t decide whether to go.

As to Harmonson, suits me, but please, if you value my life don’t spring him on me. I haven’t had a date in so long.

Dear Katherine, I’ve cut my hair short, windblown in fact and everyone likes it fine. Since cutting mine I advise cutting for yours. You must follow my example. Yours truly, Dorothy Dix.

Ask me another!

Also ans. P.D.Q. or I’ll be awfully aggra-fretted.

You asked who had captured the “fair lady’s fancy.” Listen, no body, no one soul, and I have no intentions of them ever doing so. My only crushes have left me too far in the depths and one horribly disappointed human, so I’ve sworn off crushes along with cigs.

I’ve done rash things. Last week I promised to keep training and today I promised to go to bed before eleven and not eat between meals until after Monday. Will power come to my rescue or I’ll break my promise and that would never do.

Guess what I did today. Went to the show by myself. I wanted to see William Haines in “Alias Jimmy Valentine” and I do believe everyone I know had either seen it or had a date to see it tonight. Everyone said it was darling so stubborn me went alone. It really was cute so was Colleen Moore in “Synthetic Sin.” I can do the tackiest things. Four of us went to the show in slickers and without hats and we saw more Peabody people than I ever have seen in town at one time. We got in at eleven, with a whole half-hour to spare imagine us!

I just barely missed being called before Miss Carr again day before yesterday, honey, pray for me that I’ll get good an won’t get sent home for making noise.

Be good, if you can’t be good, be careful, if you can’t be careful, name it “Lucile.”

Love, Lucile

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Andrea said...

What a radical that Lucille was! And to think she was writing to my grandmother!!

I think you should put some background in the blog about the historical and personal relevance of these letters!!