Monday, September 8, 2008

Gathering Blue (2000)

Gathering Blue, a companion to Lois Lowry’s earlier The Giver is another really good book. The author writes a similar story but this one’s not a lesser copy or an imitation of the first. It stands just as strong and reads just as well on its own.

A band of creative children (and a bent-tailed dog) pull together to support and love each other in a greedy, beast-like society. Kira, the main character, has a physical defect and is left an orphan in a village that destroys its weaker members, but the young girl rises above her difficulties and emerges in a position of power, one that will lead her world to a better place.

I recommend Gathering Blue for all ages and look forward to reading the final book of the trilogy, The Messenger. (thanks, Maya!)

To find this book on Amazon: Gathering Blue.

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