Wednesday, September 24, 2008

April 15, 1930

Dear Katherine,

I started you a letter last night, but didn't get to finish. I realize I don't owe you a letter but I'm mad and you're elected to hear my woes. So prepare for the worst.

I'm mad at my roommate. And I mean truly mad. I didn't think anything could make me lose my appetite – and here its happened twice in two weeks – or is it three?

I've done some good at that. I've decided why I fell like a ton of brick for "Pee Wee." And what I wouldn't give to see that little boy! You just don't know.

Why am I such a d --- d idiot? Someone would do well to invent something to make people sensible. They would be a godsend to people like me.

I'm deciding that I've got to learn to play tennis. Starting this aft. but you should see how I blister. My nose is burned and slick as a peeled onion. Just the same, I'm going to learn to play tennis. I'm getting brown as an Indian.

This is for a purpose – you might have known it! I'm coming down next week-end – April 20 to be exact. Think I'd better give dates so we will understand each other.

A letter on the installment plan, doesn't it sound hashed – but who cares? It won't make a bit of difference a hundred years from now.

Love. 'Cile.

Blog Note: Katherine and Lucile are first cousins. Both girls were born in 1910.

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