Saturday, December 4, 2010

Martha and David (s/v Antigone)

The next day, we took off early and made our way to Labelle where I enjoyed a delicious latte at the Bridge Street Cafe. Life's pleasures at their most basic are a good cup of coffee and a hot shower. With that in mind, we slid like bandits up to the Glades Boat Storage dock a little after dark. We'd take our showers in the morning and be out of there before the office opened at 8am.

Upon arrival we met Martha and David, a cruising couple from Michigan who were headed for the Bahamas. They became our friends for the next few days and provided us with a lot of laughs, advice, and good humor. They even pulled us off a sandbar and didn't make too much fun of us for running aground.

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Hariklia said...

I totally agree with you about good coffee and hot showers.