Sunday, December 5, 2010


It's been my practice not to bad mouth anyone or anything on "Leslie in Adams Morgan" but today I'm making an exception. After leaving Glades Boat Storage, we stopped at Moore Haven for a few hours, went through the lock, and then down the side of Lake Okeechobee to Clewiston for the night.

The Roland Martin Marina is the worst ever (although they do have an acceptable restaurant and a nice gift shop). The cleats on the dock are falling off and we had to try four or five electrical posts before we found one that actually worked. All of this for $56 a night, which is pretty pricey for what we got.

The worst insult, however, was when we specifically asked at sign-in about the canal's depth and believed the woman when she said 8 feet. I see on Active Captain now that the fuel dock depth drops to 7 feet but know for certain that it's much more shallow than that. Our 4.6 draft was definitely touching bottom. It was a tight turnaround but Eric made it and we were out of there and moving across the lake the very next morning. This map - courtesy of the marina - shows our route from beginning to end.

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