Friday, September 4, 2009

Orange Line: Ballston (Home Base)

A year ago tomorrow, I went to closing and shortly thereafter moved from my Washington, DC studio apartment into a small one-bedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia. I made the decision to buy in Ballston for a number of reasons with cost and proximity to public transportation being the most important considerations, and only then did I look around to see what the area might have to offer me.

After living in Adams Morgan, a true urban neighborhood with gunshots and everything, Ballston seemed a little slow and uneventful. I was bored out of my mind, quite frankly. I had plans to visit the Washington Capitals Ice Rink directly across the street from me, both to skate and watch the players practice, but have yet to do anything more than pick up a schedule. And the Ellipse Arts Center, just around the corner, suddenly closed right when I set out to see their Crossing Glances photo exhibit.

While I miss the vibrancy of Adams Morgan, I have adjusted to my new life all the same. I’ve been sailing and camping, and will go kayaking for the first time this holiday weekend. I have a great boyfriend, a relationship that might not have worked out as easily had I continued to live in the city (no parking, you understand), and just this week, for the first time, I went to Ballston’s big 12-screen movie theatre at the Mall. I’ve even found a nail salon I like. While I don’t see myself living in Ballston forever, for now, I’m doing just fine. See links for recommendations.

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