Sunday, September 13, 2009

April 7, 1931

Dearest Katherine,

I'm all time writing you astounding news. You'd never guess who called me up and asked for a date Friday night. Ned Lentz in person. Needless to say I'm mad with joy. Don't know whether I'll survive until then or not. Can't help but wonder what brought this on cause I'm just not Ned's type. He likes 'em wilder and woolier and full of fleas. However I shall improve my opportunity. Hope he asks me out again.

Nothin' else to say. Just wanted to tell you the astounding good news.

Double dated with the roommate tonight. My date had the best looking auburn coupe and carried us out to the most adorable camp I've ever seen. Would love to see the place in the summer time.

Well, good bye -

Love, 'Cile

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