Monday, February 23, 2009

October 7, 1930

Dear Katherine.

Here's the promised letter and I'm not so sure you're going to like it. I feel like weeping on somebody's sympathetic shoulder and so I'll just expand on paper.

I'm playing "Little White Lies" and "Confessin' that I Love You," & "Moon Song" on the vic. And staring at "If I could be with You One Hour Tonight." There's no comfort in looking at the moon. To me its so cold and far-away just like "Pee Wee" that I just pass away at one glance. My imagination can't conjure up any comforting thought or image. If only he loved me like I love him. I might as well wish for Heaven on earth. the two are one and the same. Snap out of it. The world is wide. But that sage advice is no good in this mood and telling myself I'm a damn fool is so much wasted breath and energy.

Have taken so much gym that I'm bound to die tomorrow. Went to formal gym late and got squelched. Dottie is good at that. And ran myself down in hockey, besides getting hit in the head. This is one tale of woe but I warned you. There's no ray of sunshine on the dark clouds and I just hate school. and all in all I'm one most unhappy little girl.

We have a P.E. meeting tonight and I'm not even excited. I don't even know any of the new girls and care less. Have got more studying than I can shake a stick at. Even have to make out a course of study - and its got to be plausible 'cause I've got to teach it, after its made out. Tough world. Wish I'd get a great big break that would last a life time. Big order!!

Oh well. hope you haven't caught the blues from this indigo letter.

Love, 'Cile.

Blog Note: Lucile posted this letter two days before her 20th birthday.

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