Thursday, February 5, 2009

August 14, 1930

Dearest Katherine,

Fifty + nothing + five + 1/5 of eight = greatest thing in the world
L + 0 + V + E = Love

I leave it to you whether its the greatest thing in the world. I believe you are more of an authority of the subject than I. Anyway, thats the way some one figured.

It all depends on a number of things when I'll see you, such as initiation, our Knopp Farm party, etc. Has your "husband" gone to camp yet? If he leaves 'fore I see him tell him goodbye for me - that I've enjoyed seeing him and the usual thing.

Am so glad Hatcher missed me - He'll appreciate me so much more when I do show up. Somebody ought to appreciate me and it had just as soon be him. Glad the bridge party went off o.k. I'd like to have been there - but this bunch had invited me once before and I'd refused 'cause I was going to your house. I just didn't feel that I could refuse a second time as all of them are pretty good friends of mine. And as I didn't refuse them and my own gang of this summer are going Friday night I've already been warned that I'll be in disgrace if I don't go then, too.

You're a big help. D. Dix herself. I guess maybe I'd get along better if I'd grow up and get a little sense. But its so much fun to be young and foolish!!!

Earle Parsons is a pain in the neck. The very idea. He's an accomplished liar. Can just see the young sister entertaining him. He's very good practice for her - has a fairly good line. What do you think of her. tickles me - there's not so very much change though.

How does Chris like Bob? I still think the same of Ben. These big strong men!!! Do Rena and Ben still seem to get along o.k. (I'm turning green-eyed with envy.) Don't believe that I'm feeling foolish.

Judge my letter from Peabody was an ad on a fall bulletin. hang on to it. so I can see if its useful in my business.

We pledged last Monday and I'm having great fun with the pledges. They're wearing blue hair-bows, carrying umbrellas and their books in a market basket and today they're wearing different colored hose.

Can't think of any startling news. Guess you can read the parts of this you deem proper to the rest of the family. I'm kind of busy writing me some term papers. Should be at one now entitled "Safety in Swimming: A Talk to Girl Scouts 13 to 14 yrs of age" - But pleasure calls before duty and I'm catching up on my correspondence. We have exactly eight more days of classes. If I could think of an idea for a poster I'd be all set. Just make me a poster and write two term papers. That's all - one of 'em's got to be 15 pages.

Lady, it's been a long time since I've seen you. Don't you miss me? My foolishness & noise and raving?

Well I'll be seeing you soon - maybe Sat. morning - tell you after I talk to Birdsong and provided I can finish up the work before then.

Heaps of love,

P.S. I shall now trip the light fantastic down stairs and wield the iron so as I have some clothes to wear.

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Polly said...

I love Lucille. Wish I had known her.