Monday, October 27, 2008

May 28, 1930

Dear Katherine,

I thought I'd told you were I was pulling out to, Cartersville, Ga. is my destination. to spend between quarters with my good friend Frances Hill.

Listen, I've just had a thought. Nolan P. Gartner will be home sometimes in June and I crave to be in Columbia, Tennessee at the same time he is and see what happens. Things could be explained, if he would. But really don't you think it would be amusing - I do.

The above paragraph should be in parenthesis. I'll now continue as above. Evelyn said that she would be more than glad to take you to the bus station and see you off if you'd like to spend the night. If we get a ride, tho', we won't leave until Thursday morning. Our plans are awfully vague because exam schedule hasn't been announced.

Didn't send Hatcher a bid 'cause Nell has my one & only evening dress. Any way they've made a new rule of no stags and the dances are stickier than molasses. It would have been nice, tho', if I had.

Don't know whether you are slamming me as a chaperone or not but I give you warning, I'll take the job, if offered. Would be pleased to pieces to accept. Just find a man to take me, and we'll dance away at Primm's. Whoopee -------------

We were initiated last night. I'm wearing a pin instead of a recognition pin and don't think I'm not proud of it. Hate for the time to come when I'll have to give it back.

Yep, went to the Manless Dance and didn't enjoy it in the least. They are getting sticky - or something. I'm fed up with school and everything and everybody. I've decided that I'm tired of getting educated in general.

I hate to think of the persons who won't be here next year. Seems like the whole school won't be back. I'll miss Marjorie like nothin' else, 'cause she's the one up here that I talk to like you and I talk.

I was just kidding about being jealous of you. but I'm almost that bad. As I said before, you really don't know me.

The saints preserve us. I've got to go teach swimming to the kids on the parks for the next three days. Teach girls and boys from 10-14. I hate Edna Marts for asking me, Roberta Miller for telling her I could and Dottie Tollson for saying that I had to. I'm told it's a great life. But I'm weakening - wonder if it's any better then. Couldn't be worse.

Miss Rood, the woman who had me scared to death, talked like she was going to pass me but I've got to make an addition to my paper that I'll have to make up out of a clear sky. Don't think there's any thing to be found on it. Even if she does talk like that I'll be holding my breath until I get by think bout June 10. Long time.

Better start the paper.

Love, 'Cile.

Blog Note: Nell is Cile's younger sister.

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