Tuesday, October 21, 2008

May 21, 1930

Dearest Katherine,

Okyea, Peabody will allow you to stay with me if I'm here. But it's like unto this - I may leave here Fri. night at 9:30. If we finish exams Wed., like we hope to, Frances and I are pulling out. You're welcome to the use of my bed tho! and I can give you directions on how to get to the bus station. It isn't hard to find. Or my suite mate - Mary Jane might be big hearted and take you in her car. Don't you reckon I'll have a fairly good time this summer ... a car in my room and one in the suite. Ought to be able to get a ride once in a while.

I'm glad you are going to get to stay with Ruth, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind a stranger, you'd be having such a good time you'd have lots to talk of etc. I know from experience that it isn't so bad as it sounds. and you get along with strangers better than I do.

I should hope to say I would like to go to the C.M.A. dance. But I'm used to not having the things I want most - like that so why bother - it all comes in a lifetime and 25 years from now I'll be too old to care. Guess the Columbia girls are pepped. They know what it is now not to have uniforms about. Maybe I'll get to see Pee Wee again. Now I ask you, honestly? If I ain't the world's dumbest creature. Anybody that would. It's just plumb silly - anyone can be a fool but it takes me to be a damned fool. I've a confession to make. hope you won't be mad. I snitched your picture of last year's C.M.A. football team. If you want it back you can have it. even if I did swipe it for Willson's picture. If you see little Pee Wee give him the same message I said once before you could give him.

I appreciate you trusting me with the secret. I'm busting with importance. and rely on me not to tell - and when the news is broken, I'll turn actor and do it up brown. But you'll most probably get to write me when it is announced 'cause guess it will be about May 28 or thereabouts won't it.

I'll have to remember all I can about the paper - can't get a copy - and I'd rather not write it. Even I must be bad!

As to being jealous - I'm even jealous of you when I think you like somebody better than you do me. There is only one girl up here I'm not jealous of and I know where I stand with her. She has a crush on one girl but she's my friend, gives me good advice, etc. What a life - but next to you I'd count on her if I got into trouble.

As to riding - not planning on going with anyone, just taking care of any emergency that may come up.

Guess I've about answered your letter - now to start on new things.

I most assuredly am still running errands. Got to report to one of 'em as soon as I get out of this class. She lives in an apartment and hope I don't have to wash dishes or clean up her house. I'm getting used to the ribbon except when someone gives me a queer look - got so tickled yesterday when Miss Rood asked two old numbers where their hair ribbons were. Going to chapel every morning gripes me. at 20 til 8 and I don't have classes till nine. Have to get up a whole hour earlier than I would - loosing more good sleep.

Guess maybe we'll get initiated Sat. or I hope so anyway.

You know I just thought - imagine me doing that. Hope Hatcher doesn't forget about that dance at Primm's he was going to take me to.

We're going to have a Manless Dance Sat. Don't know whether I'll go or not. I've evidently lost my taste for them 'cause I didn't enjoy the last one a little bit.

We spent Sat. night and sun. out at Knopp Farm. Had a fairly good time but it rained and stormed on us. and I got scared half to death - the chaperone just barely missed catching me smoking. She walked into the room and wouldn't even look at me. She's my friend for life. Even if she does up and bust me on some courses. 'Cause she could ship me on it easy enough. but she doesn't want to get rid of any majors. I'm cured of one thing tho! - I'm going places where the chaperone won't be likely to walk in next time I choose to indulge in the nicotine habit.

Saw a cute show last nite - don't up and not go just cause I recommend it now - Charles Farrell & Janet Gaynor in "High Society Blues." I enjoyed it just lots. Also went to Ward-Belmont May Day yesterday and was kind of bored. Of course it was pretty. things over there always are, but just the same I have seen better ones.

This class is about to end and my information is running out so -

Love, 'Cile.

Bus schedule
Leaves Nashville 7 & 8 in the morning 12:30 and 4 in aft.
Time of trip about 8 hrs.
Arrives Knoxville calculate for yourself.
Rates $5.00

P.S. Little girl, you just don't know anything about me and I just wouldn't be interested in disillusioning you all at once - so live and learn - now you have something to live for. Thank me for giving it to you.

Blog Note: Katherine's trip to Knoxville was for her future husband's UT graduation . Perhaps the secret Lucile keeps is Katherine's engagement to J. Ruth is J's sister.


Anonymous said...

Imagine a bus taking 8 hours from Nashville to Knoxville. I think it's less than 4 now. Thank goodness for interstate highways.

I wondered if "Ruth" was Katherine's future sister-in-law--thanks for answering. Do you think the letter implies that it was the first time they met?

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I think Katherine probably already knows Ruth and is glad she's staying with someone familiar. Lucile mentions how well she would have done with a stranger so it must have been an earlier concern.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting confused! Which one of them has told a secret? In the beginning, Cile says that Katherine's secret is safe with her. At the end, she says Katherine should be happy for what she gives her (another secret?)

How many secrets are there???

I think we need to rewatch High Society Blues!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Maybe we can find out when Katherine and JB announced their engagement. Here's the secret I was referring to:

"I appreciate you trusting me with the secret. I'm busting with importance. and rely on me not to tell - and when the news is broken, I'll turn actor and do it up brown. But you'll most probably get to write me when it is announced 'cause guess it will be about May 28 or thereabouts won't it."

And the statement at the end, I think, is just another little saying Lucile uses to suggest she's "bad." Same as her ending comments in the letter dated January 19, 1929:

"Be good, if you can’t be good, be careful, if you can’t be careful, name it Lucile."