Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maine Avenue Fish Market

Right next to the Capital Yacht Club is the famous Maine Avenue Fish Market, in operation since 1805. It's a busy smelly place and throngs of people stand up and eat generous portions of food and then leave piles of garbage behind them. Eric and I bought our dinner there Sunday night but took it back to the Yacht Club for a more civilized sit-down meal in air conditioning.

I'm glad to have gone to the Wharf, but it brings back memories of the one and only time I was on jury duty. This was a case where two of the workers had an altercation after putting in 12 or more hours a day for six days straight. Tempers flared, threats were made, and one of the two men - the one on trial - charged at the other with a gaff in hand and hit him on the head. While we wanted to find extenuating circumstances, there were none and the man was ultimately found guilty.

(A better place to eat if you are in the area is Jenny's Asian Fusion directly above the Capital Yacht Club. The food is fresh, light, and very satisfying.)

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