Monday, June 27, 2011

Farmer, Cowboy, Soldier, Spy

Everyone should write a book like this one. Farmer, Cowboy, Soldier, Spy is the story of Eric's Dad's youth and working life with a glimpse into his current retirement and winter trips to Mexico.

Born in America, Bob was raised in New York City and Sweden. He shows us what it's like to work on a farm in Marklunda and a ranch in Wyoming. His quest for knowledge and security eventually lead him to join the Army where he is finally recognized for his intellect. He sees the world, both on assignment and through extensive travel. He finds his soulmate and together, he and Ans, raise their six kids while establishing their careers.

I have spent hours and hours researching my family's history. In the end, through wills and other documentation, I can pull together a very slight idea who someone actually was. While a book like this one allows us to see our parents more clearly, the value it will have to our descendants is immeasurable.

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