Sunday, October 10, 2010


(photo to come)

So here we are in the middle of nowhere ... the nearest town is something like 20 miles away and it's a full 2.5 miles of dirt road just to get out of the boat yard.

It's unbelievably hot without air conditioning. Like farmers, we rise at dawn, work until the sun is too much, and then turn in for the night at dusk. In our two days since arriving, we've gone through the entire boat, cleaned up the interior, and made the engine accessible. The galley is stocked with essentials: water, nuts, cheese, fruit ... all items that store well and don't require cooking or major refrigeration.

It's an adjustment for two people who are used to city living. We have no Internet, no television, and very little company outside ourselves and the few people who are working on their boats during the day. We sleep soundly and our daily labor produces satisfying results.

The best part, however, is waking up in the middle of the night and looking up to a full sky of stars. It's amazing how different the world feels when the Universe is right outside your companion way hatch.


Hariklia said...

Sounds amazing, can't wait to see pictures.
The hard physical work part reminds me of when we bought our first house and were exhausted every day, from cleaning and painting etc. We slept very soundly indeed!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

the pic will come after my next visit to florida. somehow I couldn't make myself get up, climb out of the boat, and take a pic of the sky in the middle of the night. :-)