Friday, June 11, 2010


Today is Maya's birthday. She's turning 12 just like Cody did a few weeks ago. This photo was taken in Aswan, Egypt. Maya lives in Cairo and will be back in the US next Friday to visit us for the summer (along with her adorable sister Asia who I will feature in September).

Maya's a smart girl, very artistic and caring toward others and animals. She's a voracious reader and likes to write. I think this photo shows her calm interior nature quite well. I'm completely devoted to her.


The Awesome One said...

Thank you, Leslie. I love you. You are the best aunt ever. Can't wait to see you in the states!!!


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thanks, Awesome One. I love you, too.

andi said...

Maya is awesome, as her name suggests. She has a calm interior and a calm exterior. She is calm that way. :)