Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 9, 1931

Dearest Kat,

Rave on darling! I often follow any train of thought when writing to you, but you know I'm crazy so I don't even bother to apologize.

I'm writing you instead of grading my kids and fixing report cards as I should.

Don't guess I'll get to Tenn. Thanksgiving. I'd sell my soul for the money to get there but nobody wants my soul at that price. Seems to be a very bad one - cause $60 or $75 ain't much money for a soul in good shape. Guess I'll petrify around here, Thanksgiving.

Keep right on writing the things we use to say. I miss spilling my wild ideas, blues, downheartedness and what have you that I usually burdened you with. I spill some of 'em to Lyman cause he's got more wild ideas that I have and isn't the least shocked and tries to talk me out of half of 'em. But he can't understand as you do. Nobody could.

Yes, Lyman is quite the Earle Parsons build, tho' I'd never have thought of the comparison. He isn't my big moment, tho I have to keep yanking myself up to be sure. I like him lots - but you see with him I'm a gesture of defiance aimed at the girl he's in love with desperately, and she goes with him but isn't in love. She's full of ambition and he's a stepping stone and a good thing to use in the up-climb. The first part I deduced (old detective!) and the last someone told me. I don't know whether all of it's exactly true but at least part of it is. I don't know her very well but well enough for that, so using anyone to make him jealous would be wasted energy. I'm merely the best-looking and newest woman in the vicinity to amuse himself with during the week. (no conceit, just facts. 'cause the rest of 'em are 40!) There's another male that I date occassionally but we hold wrestling matches, his idea of what a woman is good for is a hot petting party and I have strong views in the opposite direction. Presto - a fight! Haven't heard from Bull again. Hope so cause it made me very happy to know he still thought of me after a long time.

I want Santa to bring me things useful, hose, pants, or just most anything. What do you crave - personal gift or gift for the house? Let me know and I may be able to buy somethin' providin' they pay us. Our checks were three days late last time because State aid was lacking and I don't know what will happen the rest of the year.

I repeat with emphasis and a few added frills all I said about teaching. I don't like it. And already I'm looking forward to May 27, 1932. That's Friday the day report cards are given out for the last time. Reckon I can live until then? I've lost 10 lbs the first 2 months - at that rate I'll be skinny some day - O, yeah!

Well, I'll quit and pass out some bad grades to the brats.

Love, 'Cile

Blog note: Lucile is writing from Citronelle, Alabama.

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