Thursday, December 3, 2009

September 12, 1931

Dearest Kat,

Well, my deah, I'm certainly glad you are enjoying life. I'm parked here doing nothing and losing my weak mind. Talked to Mr. Vigor yesterday and I may possibly teach the 5th grade in Citronelle, Ala. It's not a promise, but we even discussed salary. Hope he calls me this afternoon or tomorrow to go. I'd even prefer that to petrifying here - and twiddling my thumbs seven days a week - 4 wks per mo. for nine months.

If I get a job I'm extravagantly planning on coming to Tennessee Thanksgiving. Some more castles in Spain - but I'm inviting myself to your house for a day and night if I do. Have planned me a hectic time if I come - have promised Evelyn to be in Nashville for a big time. That will take up the other day and night I have there.

Nell is rushing around packing, and sewing and hunting clothes - it seems funny for me not to be doing it. I'm kinder glad I don't have to return to Peabody, tho' my disposition would be ruined for life if I had to live thru another year of that.

You know, old top, I've always promised to let you know when I got ready to take the fatal leap - and if it's possible you're to be present - oh, I'll talk to you before 'cause I don't expect to stay here indefinitely or not ever to visit there and heavens knows when I'll ever fall in love and get married - if ever.

You camly demand that I make out menus for you - I've not near as much time as you think. I've run around interviewing people every since I got here and going down town everyday is a life-sized job but here is a recipe for you of something that is good to eat.

12 pears, 3 oranges, 3 lemons
grind in food chopper
measure and add 1-1/2 less cups of sugar than mixture measures - cook until tender.

It's so good. I'm gaining pounds eating the junk between meals. Mrs. Burgitt, next door, calls it pear relish but Nell and I inelegantly call it "goo."

I thought the wedding was beautiful. I could see J. shaking too, and I got the giggles and wanted to cry too. Happy and I took off at 10:30 and got back to school at 12 - stopping to eat lunch and get some cider. I evidently passed the history exam cause I graduated Monday - no fault of mine. I haven't cracked the text for six wks. and didn't study for the exam. But I slung words around until I didn't know what I was talking about. Wonder if Mr. Driver knew?

Really I'm gripped about rushing down here - unless I get employed. Mr. Grigg won't employ anyone he can't talk to so I came - but when I think of what fun I could have had in Gainesboro, Ashland City, C. & Mt. "Misery" & Tupelo, Miss. and if I get the job I'll go anyhow - so I guess I did right to come. My salary will be $960 and I don't think that will be half bad, with a raise next year and a chance to teach in Murphy Hi. Hope they aren't all castles in Spain.

I'll hush now - and if I find any good recipes I'll rush them of P.D.Q.

Heaps of love,

P.S. Found the enclosed menu in the morning paper and thought they might give you an idea. Mother says she's mailing the cook book.

Blog note: Katherine is now living in Ashland City with her husband, and Lucile has finished school in Nashville and is writing from Mobile, Alabama.

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