Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Robyn is a hardworking 25-year old. She leads a busy life as a graphic designer for a college and a receptionist for an animal hospital. She works seven days a week without rest while she dreams of traveling the world like a vagabond. She comes from an insane family that spawned from the back wood mountains of West Virginia. Inbred you ask? Well who knows, but it’s suspected that cross breeding may have caused an onset of lunacy in her family. But in spite of all this, Robyn is a cool city chick who lives in a high-rise apartment building with her filmmaker boyfriend C.J. She hopes one day they'll move to London to escape the drama and at the same time rekindle her passion for traveling.

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Vacant Lot Design said...

Awesome! Even if you are inbred and a lunatic you are indeed quite the cool city chick. ;)