Monday, July 6, 2009


Objectified, the second in Gary Hustwit's design trilogy, isn't as passionate as Helvetica but that conclusion may be about me. I left the film wanting more. More objects. More designers. More insight.

Instead I was left with questions. Are product designers more methodical and less emotional than graphic designers? For some reason, I had them classified as the same group of people in my mind. Not the case. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec were the exception, though. I enjoyed watching them interact and they seemed intensely involved in their work. Are product designers different and what are their particular concerns?

And why do objects look the way they do? Take the camera for example; this item is based on a form that was required when film was used. Why does it continue to look the same and what else is left over from our past?

And there's still lots more to consider. While Helvetica may have inspired passion and controversy, Objectified provokes, asking questions about our culture and future. I'm looking forward to part three of the series. My question now is what do you think IT will be about? Gary Hustwit isn't saying.

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I too am still wanting more, but have not formed a concrete opinion about the flick other than I liked it.