Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange Line: Farragut West (Corcoran College of Art + Design)

posting this photo early in the hopes I can get over the hair and not be all distracted tonight when I listen to Stanley Hainsworth speak at the Corcoran.

... A friend of mine recently asked me if I prefer IFC film or Hollywood movies. My response, which unfortunately bordered on the dissertation length, said the following:

"Hollywood movies are just too formulaic, and exist just to feed the big hollywood machine ... they have to have the big set, the big costumes, the extra-special effects so everyone gets paid ... the music rises just at the right moment so everyone feels what they are supposed to feel and then they push us all out into the street and no one really thinks about what they were just told."

Insert the word SOLD for told and you have my summary of tonight's lecture. Stanley Hainsworth is the equivalent of Hollywood in the design world. Will it affect my emotional connection with Starbucks? Not one bit. What do I take back to the office tomorrow? I need to figure out this step in the process called a brief.

500 Seventeenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Within walking distance of the orange line's Farragut West stop.

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mina said...

When I was in school David Carson who was the design guru of the time came and gave a talk. All the design students just LOVED his work and were certain that hearing him speak would bring about great evolution in their work. Maybe it did, problem was David Carson probably never had to design a newsletter for a non-profit whose audience is 80 year old people. Of course his work is cool but unfortunately cool can't apply to a lot of design. Hollywood is great until you have to wake up to reality. I prefer to just stay in reality.