Monday, December 22, 2008

June 19, 1930

Dear Katherine:

Don’t know whether I’ll get there with anything to wear or not – Nell’s got all my clothes – I’m going to town today to try to buy something. I usually have the devil of a time trying to find something.

Saw Ned the other night and talked to him. More thrills than I’ve ever had in a short time before. Ain’t I silly?

4 hrs later
Just purchased me a dress. White shantung and a quilted hat – tried to buy some shoes but couldn’t get any that I wanted to fit me.

Don’t be silly about bringing me home. Nolan isn’t coming back for 2 weeks – and besides I’ve lost all interest in him. I’m so fickle.

I ain’t guilty of coming without any head covering. Did come without a hat but had a beret.

Don’t care what I do Fri. night. You know I don’t – but I’m a rotten bridge player. about the world’s worst. I prefer to date Hatcher or Tom – (leave Nolan to the tender mercies of Mary.) if I’m going to date. It doesn’t make any difference whether I date or not.

Oh yea, will you let me wear blond shoes with a white shantung dress and a white hat? If not I can’t come cause I can’t find any white shoes I like.

Well good bye.

Love, ‘Cile

I blistered and am peeling. I look like the very devil.

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