Tuesday, December 23, 2008

July 29, 1930

Dearest Katherine,

Three cheers for the long letter, wish you’d gotten to write while in the mood. I’d have been a lucky person with such a long letter.

Dorothy Dix now speaks (even if she knows not of what she writes) – I see no terrible harm in it all. But I think I’d be extra-careful and think what he’d think of it – even if it does require a lot of extra mental effort. I’d surely not get him jealous – jealous people aren’t my idea of safe playtoys. I’ve often wondered what you thought of me. Another case where you can be frank. I know there’s room for improvement and like constructive criticism. Is the advice sufficient. It’s all the good I can do ‘cause I’ve not had the experience you have and don’t know J.B. anywhere as well.

Don’t remember what I said to tell Chris about Ben. He’s one of those people that fascinate you when you’re with them. No wonder you don’t think I’m serious, you’ve heard me rave about so many people. I meant it, at the time. But I get interested in something else – it’s a case of rapid transfer of interest.

And Hatcher. I’m overcome with shock, surprise and joy. See if you approve my plan of attack on him. I’m going to wear my fluffliest, ruffled dress, of course, white shoes, and play at being a dignified, very feminine, young woman. With never a mention of anything more strenuous than dancing. Or possibly swimming – he likes that. Katherine Howard is his c.g. and being as I don’t know her I can’t imitate her. Anyway, be yourself. (Ain’t I getting dumb in my old age?) Can’t imagine what came over him to want a date with me. Hope he doesn’t change his mind in the meantime.

Unless I have to go on a pledge party, prepare for the worst, Aug. 10 – have to serve punch at Vespers Aug. 3. Imagine me presiding over a punch bowl! But it’s got to be done.

Also have more work to be done than I can say grace over. And the sad part is that it’s got to be done.

Have just come back from a field trip on which I rode in the rumble of a Cadillac coupe. Some class and great fun. Also have prevailed on Frances to let me copy a paper that’s worrying me – so I’m some better off. Even if I am meeting and running down in my shoes.

Guess you all know that Daddy is going to Augusta the first and guess the family will be up here sometimes the following week – Thursday is August 1 – guess they’ll be packed & ready to travel Mon. or Tuesday – certainly ought to cause four days is long enough for any one to take up packing.

Where did young Hogan coach last year – C.H.S or C.M.A. I have a class with him and can’t remember who it was that told me he was their coach. Poor memory, not convenient.

Went to Franklin Friday and got stormed on, but started Saturday to Lenten then didn’t like the looks of the place and came all the way back to Nashville and then to Franklin. Rode somewhere near 60 miles for our swim. We’re supposed to go to Franklin again Wed. Hope so, it will be good for the suntan.

Tell J.B. he can almost make up his mind to come to Nashville Aug. 10 cause if it’s possible I’m coming.

Did Earle ever make any explanation?

Lots of love,

This long enough? Any way it’s all I know. Ans. soon cause I know I enjoy letters more than anyone else ever could.

Katherine's Note: J's home was near Franklin and he was living (during the week) and teaching in Ashland City. Sometimes he'd pick up 'Cile as he came through Nashville and take her back to school on Sunday.

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