Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jason was born a long, long time ago in a log cabin located just outside of the Log Cabin Syrup Company's log cabin shaped factory. Taken at an early age with a love for Lincoln Logs and Canadian Maple Syrup, Jason decided to become a door-to-door vaccuum cleaner salesman. When his mother explained to him what a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman is and does, Jason instead decided to become the WORLD'S GREATEST DANCER.

After many years of watching such high-quality programs as Fame, Solid Gold, Soul Train, and the movie I'm Gonna Git You Sucka everyday of his life until he was 28 his parents made him move out he decided to forge his own destiny and move to the city of Nodance, KY to make his dreams happen. Unfortunately, as he later found out, there was no need for a dancer in Nodance, KY because years earlier the town had banned dancing like in that Kevin Bacon movie Footloose.

Defeated momentarily but still hoping to pursue his dream of dance, Jason moved to Breakaleg, Idaho where, after a brief and scandalous affair now known as the bologna sandwich incident, he came to work at LOU'S A-GO-GO-DANCE BARN SPECTACULAR. And it's there where you can find him six nights a week on the main stage ... after closing time sweeping the floors while dancing to Kenny Loggins and giving a thumbs up that seems to say, "Hey, I'm alright! Nobody worry 'bout me."

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