Thursday, July 3, 2008

Moderato Cantabile (1958)

Another quick read while the rest of you are spending your gas money. I've wanted to read Marguerite Duras for some time now. "Moderato Cantabile" is about a French woman and her affair of some sort with a non-working laborer type. Duras' use of language evokes such sensitivity of movement, touch and quiet communication, not only between lovers but between mother and child, and through cafe onlookers who are in a way party to the indiscretion and its demise.

This short novel is worth a second read, and probably a third, especially if you understand music and can better detect how Duras develops, increases, slows down and pulses through the story using a repetition of number and the color red. A beautiful way to spend the morning commute.

To find on amazon: Moderato Cantabile

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