Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Challenge

There are a lot of bloggers out there who give themselves various book challenges to follow. Some people set out to read X number of banned books, and X number of classics, or X number of best sellers within a certain time period. Books for Breakfast, for example, accomplished her goal of reading 150 books within a single year. (Pretty amazing, I must say!)

My personal challenge goes first to the question, why do people save books? Some people surround themselves with "good" books as a reminder or a message to others that they are well read. Visual types arrange their books according to color and use them as accessories within the home. I've been saving my books as a memento of the story, but now with this blog, I can remember more with the post than I can from the actual book itself. It's time to move them out and let the chi flow free.

My book challenge for this year is to read as much as I possibly can and not spend one single penny on books. This is good because it's 1) green; 2) saves money; and 3) builds karma since I'm sharing and trading and making my city apartment a little more dust free.


Allure said...

What is the poing of book challenges? just show off your brains? I don't get it. I need time to consolidate the story, and the things behind it.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

For me, it's a way to "clean house" and remember the story. Writing the review - or posting my comments - helps me consolidate the ideas behind the story.

It's also a way to force myself into reading some of the books that aren't easy, kind of like when you are in College and you finish a required book and are really glad you made the effort to get through it.

It's definitely not to show off my brains. I feel like most of my comments are going to be challenged by some literary professor any day now.