Friday, March 6, 2015

Pippi Longstocking (1945)

My sister Andi used to sleep like Pippi Longstocking. She would put her head under the covers and her feet inside the pillow case. Her daughter Asia was also infatuated with Pippi Longstocking and is shown below in costume. Me? I was a Nancy Drew girl. I liked Harriet the Spy. I knew very little about Pippi Longstocking outside of her crazy pigtails and mismatched socks.

Well, after reading Astrid Lindgren's first collection of chapter stories, let me tell you, Pippi Longstocking is pure girl power! She can defend herself against robbers, shoot pistols, and even face off with the strongest man at the circus. She is completely self sufficient. Pippi manages her own money, has two pets, cooks and cleans, and never lets anyone bring her down. She is amazing! In fact, in one episode, Pippi uses determination, creative thinking, and bravery to save two small children from a burning house. Hip hip hurray, everyone cheers, Pippi loudest of them all.

Lindgren's style of writing in translation is lyrical. Her stories flow easily and make you smile. Sometimes, though, the escapades of the little girl will break your heart, such as when Pippi who has no training goes to school for the first time or when she tries to behave at a tea party. Pippi might have the admiration of her friends Tommy and Annika but even the strongest of girls needs some love! Pippi's mother is dead and her father is lost at sea. In later volumes, I am told Pippi reunites with her father? If anyone's read the full series, please let me know how it goes. Overall, a wonderful diversion and worth sharing.


andi said...

yes Pippi meets her dad in Pippi in the South Seas. He's a king on an island and she becomes princess pippolota.

Later she rescues him from bad guys and he laughs and says she was always the strongest. Long live Pippi Longstocking!!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Hip Hip Hurray!