Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recycle: Vintage Harkerware Dishes (Golden Dawn)

Many years ago, my grandmother sent me a care package that arrived on a snowy day and included "blue mist" Harkerware dishes. As time went on, and I found myself rummaging around antique markets, I would pick up additional pieces in a variety of colors. The dishes pictured to the left are of the same style in the "golden dawn" pattern.

I still have my grandmother's gift but have accumulated a lot of dishes and will let this version of Harkerware go via Craig's List this Friday. If you are interested, let me know.

Mid-Century Harkerware Dishes Vintage: Oven-safe stone china. Golden Dawn pattern (yellow and gray). Made in the USA. 4 cups and saucers; 3 cereal bowls; 3 desert bowls; 2 salad plates. Minor discoloration (if any) and all pieces in good condition except one chip/marking on one salad plate. Competitive pricing at $60 for all 16 pieces (not including postage).

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Hariklia said...

I love these! But as a crockery enthusiast with overstocked cupboards, I won't put my hand up. Nice to see them though.