Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Caution: You're About to Be Prolerized!

This book is about the life of Sam Proler, a self-made millionaire who earned his income through junk and the invention of the Prolerizer, a contraption that reduces steel to small moveable pieces.

"Invented in the late 1950s ... the Prolerizer redefined the entire metals recycling process. Its ability to transform very large metal objects into small balls of steel marked the beginning of a recycling revolution. The Prolerizer was able to pulverize objects as large as pickup trucks or commercial refrigerators, making it standard equipment for any medium- to large-sized yard."

Sam was born in a cold-water flat, the son of Lithuanian immigrants. As a youth, he moved to from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Houston, Texas and the rest is junk-metal history.

Why did I read this book? Sam Proler's dad is my great-grandmother's brother. I don't know Sam personally but I have a better understanding of my past as a result of his book. Family members describe him as young at heart, generous with his money, and a loving father. My only disappointment is that he didn't treat his brothers with a little more respect in his memoirs.

For more info, go to Proler Steel International, or to find on amazon: Caution: You're About To Be Prolerized

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