Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, we experienced an earthquake! It registered 5.9 on the richter scale and shook the ground all the way from New York to North Carolina! Eric and I were in DC for a doctor's appointment and couldn't get out of the city. When the quake hit, everyone left their offices and classrooms, filing out into the street. Museums closed down and so did the subway system. Traffic was at a standstill. What did we do? We walked home! It took us 2-1/2 hours to get from Union Station to Virginia, at which time we took a pizza break and then were able to catch a bus the rest of the way home.

And today, we have to think about how we can prepare the boat for Irene, a category 4 hurricane expected to hit the area this Saturday.


mina said...

I like how you angled your photo to make things look all shaken up! It was freaky for sure. My yoga classes last night were all about grounding and centering in spite of the earth moving beneath us!

Evil Pixie said...

Wow! You walked home? That's some walk! It sounds like your area of the world is getting a little slap from Mother Nature... Heat, Earthquakes, Hurricanes... Yikes!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

@ Mina: thanks! too bad the photo wasn't a little bit better in focus.

@ Evil Pixie: no kidding! I'd take another earthquake and a hurricane over a heat wave any day, though!