Thursday, May 5, 2011

Belle Haven

This past Easter Week, Eric and Cody brought the boat up the Potomac River from Lewisetta to our hailing port in Alexandria, Virginia. It was a few days of solid motoring and only one delay that required engine repair. (We will start actual sailing this summer.)

Clementine is now anchored at Belle Haven, an easy-going marina that offers sail boat rentals and a bike path along the wildlife preserve called Dyke Marsh. The photo on the left is a bird's nest close to our boat. The one on the right is my favorite flying scot. It's happily painted with the American flag, fish symbols, and bright colors.

It was a lovely four-day weekend living on the boat. We watched the Georgetown University crew slide by at dawn and waved at fishermen in the early morning. Eric rode the dinghy out for water depth checks and we lamented our absent neighbor John.

At one point we had a little excitement. We watched one of the rentals overturn. The occupants toppled out into the chilly water and Chip, Belle Haven's dock master, zoomed out in his power boat to rescue them. After they were safely in their cars, Chip managed to raise the mast and pull the boat back to shore. Unfortunately, we did not catch on camera his little "this is how we do it" dance. :-)

But, in addition to close-up entertainment, quiet moments relaxing in the open air, the weekend included frequent anchor checks, 20-minute rows to shore, long walks for supplies, and hard work sanding.

I can't wait to do it again this weekend.

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Mostafa said...


These photos are wonderful, my congratulations for your happy sailing. Thank you for sharing it.

you don't know how much I like sailing :)

See you,