Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm back in Virginia (again) and for the next two weeks while I'm dealing with colder climates and an overdriven population, Eric is hanging out in Labelle with these two guys: Don Shuler, an engine repair guy and Jim, his buddy. Both are sailors and have a lot of knowledge they are willing to share.

After dropping me off at the Fort Myers airport, the car was picked up by United Freight and Eric left the boat yard. Almost immediately, he had a major insult as one of the more experienced sailors likes to call all mishaps and delays. Tiny's line wrapped around Clem's propeller bringing everything to a halt. After a few calls for advice and with an ever-sinking battery life, Eric dipped into alligator-infested waters and untangled the line himself. I was beside myself, texting him like mad: don't go in the water, call BoatUS, see if Don will come out and help you.

Finally free, Eric then made his way through the Ortona Lock single handed and down the canal to Labelle where he has access to coffee shops, libraries, and the local USave grocery store. These little accomplishments go a long way in our introduction to boating. We have so much to learn and are having to take our days one insult at a time, each in the spirit of nautical progress.


The Ceol Mors said...

You should be pleased that he was able to sort it out without help from Boat US! Well done!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

thank you. :-) I do feel like he will successfully solve any problems we encounter and that is definitely a good thing.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

post note: maybe my representation of Labelle is a little misleading. It's a very small town. Eric has access to a coffee shop, the library, and can walk to the hardware store and grocery. After living out at the boat yard, where we had access to nothing, these are all very good things. :-)