Friday, May 7, 2010

Tennessee Floods

I guess by now, if you live on the east coast of America, you have heard about the flash floods in middle Tennessee. This is my Aunt Jan's house in Franklin after the waters had started to recede. In total they got 3-4 feet of water inside their house and everything is ruined. But, in spite of the bad news, all is good. The volunteer support that has been there for her throughout this week has been amazing. Humanity is at its best in times of disaster.


Angela in Europe said...

How horrible! I hope the rain has stopped. I hate seeing pictures like this, although it seems as if this time of year is just tough on the south, with the rain and tornadoes. Quite sorry your aunt had to experience this!

Angela in Europe said...

Am glad your aunt will be moving soon! I can't imagine trying to live in a house that has had water damage. I don't think you'd ever get rid of the smell!