Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apple Computer

My shiny little computer. I've been an Apple fan for years. In the beginning, I had a second-hand Macintosh II and used it throughout most of my college life, writing all of my English literature papers at 1.5 leading instead of double space because I didn't understand the single, double, and triple bars as they were meant to represent lines. Yes, a lot of extra work on my part.

And more recently, I had a problem where my MacBook started to slow down and the processing wheel was spinning at a painful rate. It was nearly impossible to play Pet Society in secret because it took so long to exit the screen when anyone came near. The problem was solved, though, after a quick visit to my local Genius Bar. It seems one of my two cats had made my key pad a sleeping spot and the finder window continued to open, one on top of itself, a new window opening and not closing every single day. Good customer service at no additional cost and I only felt moderately stupid for not having figured it out myself.

In Apple's case, brand loyalty is easy. It begins the moment the purchase is made and continues every time I use my laptop. Other companies I pledge my support to are USAA, Bose, and Nordstrom. Starbucks? Well, I'm just addicted to coffee.

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Mom said...

I like the part about playing Pet Society in secret. :-)