Friday, January 29, 2010

Deep Water

Deep Water, or better called Deep Doodie, is the documentary story of the 1968-69 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. There were no requirements other than that each of the nine participants enter the race within a certain period of time and complete the circumnavigation single handedly.

So Donald Crowhurst, a weekend/day sailor with no real experience, mortgages his home and puts everything on the line only to discover he's not up to the challenge and has no possibility of completing the race. In Deep Trouble at this point, he stops along the coast of South America and begins to falsify his log records claiming to be much further along, in fact pretending to be way ahead of everyone else. His plan is to sit tight in order to by-pass the dangerous capes and re-enter the race at its end, sailing into port as if he'd made it around the globe in record time. One by one, the contenders begin to drop out of the race ... some due to loneliness, others due to boat trouble, Bernard Moitessier, most famously due to his rejection of modern society. Crowhurst suddenly is in the position of becoming the race's winner which will mean a complete audit of his records. Watch the DVD to see what happens next.

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Kevin said...

Here's another guy name Robin Graham with the cat sailed around world I think it took him four years. I remember him in The National Geographic and he wrote a book call Dove and of course the dumb movie of The Week call Dove starting Joseph Bottoms. Its bing along ago.