Wednesday, November 12, 2008

June 17, 1930

Dear Katherine,

May the Saints preserve our happy home! I just saw Ned - I'm just no account - And he said he was going to call me. If he only does - I guarantee you I'll be bad off - I went around in a daze over Pee Wee - But I'll be in a daze of happiness - (oh fool, quit your raving). Yes, I will.

Guess I'll give the town the once over - leave here at 3 o'clock or thereabouts. As for plans, don't ask me for any - they just ain't. I'm hoping for lots of luck - guess the logical thing to do would be down to come and come back on the bus with him, that seems to work.

If you find you are about to forget thrillling events just make a little memorandum, (in short hand of course) for future reference.

Don't mind this letter, I not responsible - hope you can patch together some sense out of it.

Love, Cile.

P.S. Just don't plan any swimming. I'm due to have the curse - which means I might and again I might not.

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